R.A.M.P. It Up

4 Keys to Turbocharge Employee Performance

How do some firms achieve consistently high levels of employee performance? What do they know and do that you don’t? In this breakthrough book, you will find common-sense answers to these critical questions.

Trying to motivate people doesn’t work. But the right work relationships do. When you establish the four R.A.M.P. conditions in your business it unleashes your employees’ innate spark to perform at their highest levels.

And the key to make this happen is in plain view. But not many recognize it.

This book is more than a “must read,” it is a “must do.” It is a
force multiplier for your business. — Dr. David Paul, CEO of The Cameron Group, author of Dare To Care


Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why employees typically operate at only 50% of their capacity.
  • The universal hidden structure behind all high performance.
  • How simple one-on-one conversations with employees can create a culture where high-performance is the norm.
  • How to recognize and overcome your own unconscious patterns that reduce performance.
  • How to apply recent discoveries in behavioral science that unlock employee motivation and performances
  • The step-by-step process to implement the four Key Practices in the RAMP framework that virtually guarantee outstanding results.

If your goal is to turn your employees into a high-performing revenue machine, this book is your roadmap. Get it today!