Does Your Business Need Speed?

You’ve come to the right place. Picture how your business would change if you could put the right puzzle pieces together and build a work environment where employees looked forward to coming into work, performed close to their peak ability, and moved your business into the fast lane.

Why is it some businesses consistently outperform their competition? It’s not just a matter of getting their business practices in good shape. Or having the right product or service. It’s not the practice or product. It’s the execution. It’s employees consistently performing at high levels, creating and contributing far more than the average employee.

So then . . . what are these puzzle pieces needed to assemble a high-performance organization? Despite what you may have read elsewhere, according to the science, there are only four puzzle pieces to assemble. Four workplace conditions that together produce consistent high performance.

Check out this free survey that measures the top 32 ways to build these four conditions. In less than 15 minutes you’ll see which of your workplace practices supports high performance, and which ones interfere with it.

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Hi, I’m Bob Hessler…

I’ve always been one to push the envelope on both quality and speed, working to develop better products and organizations faster. But those around me didn’t seem to share my interest. Then I had an eye-opening experience being a key part of a a rapidly-growing startup company where I experienced what works. We developed products faster and better than I had ever thought possible and doubled annual revenue seven years in succession. What the Los Angeles Times called “Spectacular Revenue Growth.”

And the pace was addictive.

After leaving that company I looked back and asked myself why every company doesn’t operate this way and grow this fast?

I set out to find the answer and what I discovered surprised me.

It was no surprise that every business needs their business practices to be in top shape in order to thrive and grow. And to do so requires top-level performance from its employees.

What is surprising, is that for the most part, we’ve given up on trying to find ways to encourage employees to perform at top levels. Why? Because everything we’ve tried hasn’t worked.

We’ve been trying to use methods that are outdated, unproven, or just plain wrong about what motivation is and how it drives performance.

So what are these high-performing companies doing that others are not?

The simple answer is that they establish the four conditions mentioned above, and that these conditions match how people are internally “wired” to achieve. They bring out our internal, built-in, wired-in, innate drive to perform at high levels and to sustain that performance.

You can’t push your employees to achieve, but you can interact with each one in a way that unleashes their hidden innate need to achieve.

Motivation is a skill that can be learned.

The picture that comes to mind is the wizard from The Wizard of Oz. Imagine yourself operating unseen in the back-ground, orchestrating spectacular results because you know how to work the controls. But in our case, we’re not manipulating people; rather, we’re releasing their natural desire and ability to perform and achieve. —from R.A.M.P. It Up: 4 Keys to Turbocharge Employee Performance

I encourage you to take full advantage of the information available on this website. You’ll find ideas, insights, and resources to build a workplace where your employees are excited to come to work and give their very best. And a good starting point is to get the free survey tool below to identify areas where your workplace practices promote high performance and areas where they can be improved.

Bill Gates stated that it was only a handful of people that made the difference for Microsoft. What could you accomplish in your own organization if you had a similar handful of high-performers on your team?